You are putting on the finishing touches of your client’s biggest event of the year. The tables are set, the lights are lit, and the aroma of fine dining is filling the room. However, the guests seemed to be drawn in by a colorful display of fog. Intrigued by this sight, the guests run their fingers through the cold mist to find out by surprise that the images move along the tips of their fingers–almost as if everything is in the palm of their hands.
This display becomes the most memorable piece of the party due to its power to bring the guests together to interact and experience the capabilities of this display. It is truly unlike anything the guests have ever seen.
As the name suggests, it is an air display. This piece of technology is no dream. Within the past few years, a team of Russian technicians has invented Displair: a 3D multi-touch screen technology that projects images onto an aerodynamic layer of fog. Combined by an infrared camera, projector, motion sensors, and cold fog made up of ultra fine water droplets, Displair is able to take interactive technology to the next level.
Due its ability to draw in big crowds, Displair is thought of to be the next form of mass media of the century.
  • Wow’ your audience with the ultimate interactive presentation at your next meeting or trade show. With an increasingly digital world, individuals are now giving presentations or sales pitches using interactive multimedia mobile applications. If you’re ahead of the curve and already doing this, then what’s to stop you from taking your presentation to the next level? Instead of pulling out an iPad or projector screen to open your application, you now have the opportunity to open it onto an aerodynamic layer of fog. You never have to worry about fingerprints showing on your iPad in the middle of your pitch. The ones you present to will be impressed by the efforts you took in preparing.
  • Proudly display your hotel/restaurant’s delicious menu in a unique way. Instead of displaying card stock food & drink menus, a touch pad menu, or digital menu boards outside your restaurant, give those passing by a reason to walk in. People will be sure to turn their heads and walk-up to interact with the aerodynamic stream of mist that is displaying the menu with images of the entrees. Health inspectors will be happy that germs will not be passed around! It’s an amazing form of advertising by attracting guests to a colorful display.
  • Entertain guests at your next event with Displair and make your party extraordinary. Party planners are continuously looking for ways to make memorable events. Use the Displair to display a jukebox for guests to choose songs, get people to sign a guest-book, feature products, show the itinerary, etc. There are infinite ideas of what you can display and have your guests interact with.
  • Use it at your retail establishment. Displair could provide images of the latest fashions intriguing the passing bystander to take a glimpse of what stores have to offer. It’s a unique advertising display for your storefront.
  • Find a new way to play in the gaming industry. With the ability to interact and move objects with your gesture, this redefines mobile gaming. The Displair is compatible with all Windows applications, so now you can stay entertained longer and get even more addicted to the popular games Angry Birds, Cut the Rope and Temple Run!
  • Take your education to the next level. With its power to be visually appealing, Displair could open the doors to new education opportunities. Students of all ages could be entertained by interacting with Displair while also being challenged academically. You can do anything from drafting documents to building interactive 3D models like Tony Stark!