Displair partnership program:
Our partnership program gives you opportunity to sell or rent product of Displair Inc – interactive air display Displair (Model: D1301) – and receive a commission from it. Partners receive a commission from every sale or rent. No headache!

We provide one year warranty on Displair, carry out diagnostics and repair if any breakage. Also we provide service support to our customers 24/7. If you buy Displair we provide teaching, our experts come and install the equipment anywhere in the world.

You can propose to your clients to use Displair as an independent tool for drawing of people attention or as a part of event or program which you prepare for the client.

  • Participation to partnership program is free. Please specify the contact details at the partnership application: Company Name, Web, Address, E-mail, Contact name, Phone.
  • We process a partnership application during 5 working days and then we place your contacts on our website displair.com.
  • The partners receive payment for sale, short-time or month rent.