Water TV

The challenges of making a screenless display hasn't stopped one Russian start-up from trying.

Displair is showing a system at CES which uses a humidifier to create a curtain of air made out of tiny water particles that feels dry to the touch, but is substantial enough to project an image on to.

It's even interactive - built-in cameras and software algorithms analyse your hand movements so that you can manipulate the image.

Volunteers have been able to use it to play Fruit Ninja, karate chopping the video game's virtual pineapples and bananas in half.

Displair's screen adapts a humidifier to create an image in mid-air

The prototype's image quality isn't good enough to watch a show or movie on it at this point - but the firm says it will improve, adding that there are benefits beyond being able to mimic Tom Cruise in Minority Report.

"It's a greener option," says spokeswoman Kim Terca.

"Right now electronics make up a huge percentage of landfill waste. It doesn't make sense to make these glass and metal boxes that get used and then thrown away with all their lead and other toxic materials."

She adds that a spin-off benefit is that the moisture used is good for your skin.

So, 8k holographic humidifiers by 2023? Stranger things have happened at CES.


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