Mist Screen Acts Like Touchable Hologram

A touchscreen made of vaporized air may not be the most practical innovation, but it sure is fun. Check out the video below from Jason Gilbert of the Huffington Post, as he interacts with games in the mist. The $10,000 display is from Russia-based Displair and it’s giving attendees to the conference a hint at what holographic displays of the future might look and feel like.

This one is not a true hologram, however. The Displair screen connects a touchscreen device to a projector, which shines video onto a misting wall of vaporized water. A camera tracks the user’s finger and adjusts the video according. So you can swipe your finger across the images and interact with the video in real time. Watch Jason use it to play Fruit Ninja .

The device isn’t for sale yet, but should be available later this year. Although Displair thinks that the screen is best suited for public presentations or as a unique way to display advertising. But the device could be ready for the consumer market in about five years, if you can hold out.


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Mist Screen Acts Like Touchable Hologram

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