Displair Brings You a Gesture-Enabled, Mist-Powered Display

LAS VEGAS — You won’t be tapping and swiping that boring glass touchscreen much longer if Displair has anything to say.

The Russian company is here at CES showing off an interactive display made, as the name suggests, of air. Water mist shoots out of a stand to create a moving, unique display. Your computer or tablet screen is projected onto the display, and you interact with it just as you would with a touchscreen. Tap buttons, pinch to zoom, and swipe just like you usually do. I did all that and more while playing Fruit Ninja.

A camera behind the display picks up movements, much like the Microsoft Kinect. What makes Displair’s camera especially impressive is that it can recognize movements with an accuracy to 1 centimeter, allowing it to register fine movements like taps.

Displair plans to bring the product to market in the first or second quarter of this year. It isn’t cheap at $15,000, and at that price is targeted primarily at advertisers, hotels and exhibitors, but the company hopes to make one for consumers at some point.

It’s pricey and not very practical for your everyday user, but hey, it can double as your home’s dehumidifier.

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Displair Brings You a Gesture-Enabled, Mist-Powered Display

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